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On the other side of the camera…. :)

There is something special about having your photo taken.   Truly- I am in love with capturing moments…. freezing them inside my camera to fondly look back on.

I spend so much time taking pictures of other people that I wanted to change it up a bit and have some pictures taken of Brian and I…. for no reason whatsoever!  Other than just for the fun of it!

James Christianson is an insanely talented photographer.  He was also my mentor when I first started my photography business and I learned so much from him.  Besides being an extraordinary photographer, he is also a skilled teacher and quite patient (I asked him 1000s of questions a day when we were working together- yes, I was that annoying!)

I hired him to do some pictures last month and I have only seen a couple quick peeks.  He posted this series of images today and I am eagerly awaiting the rest!  Now I know what my clients feel like when they are waiting for their images! 😉

More to come…..


Photography by James Christianson