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a simple message

Have you been watching the Olympics?  We have.  There are countless stories of athletes achieving success despite sometimes dismal odds.  My favorite parts of the games are the narratives behind the Olympians.

One poignant story belongs to David Rudisha – who broke the 800 meter world record and won the gold for Kenya.  David does not have state of the art facilities for training.  He has the most basic of set ups…. he has the earth, a dirt road in Kenya to train on.

In an interview his coach, Colm O’Connell, said,

“It’s not about sophistication.  Or about the facilities.  It’s about doing the simple things well.  And doing what you already understand because it’s already within you.”

I love that.  Find what is already inside you … and do it well.  For there is much beauty in the focus on simplicity.


Photo taken in London, England.
Contax 645 || Fuji 400H