I was trained in mathematics prior to photography but I have always had a desire for creativity. There were always two sides to me – a technical and a creative – and I love how photography combines the two. It is the perfect blend.

I love LOVE. I love documenting it, seeking it, and making a conscious choice to live with it. It is so special to celebrate with my clients on their most happiest of days. I approach photography with two philosophies.

One is to be photojournalistic. It’s capturing those unexpected moments. A quiet glance. A secret kiss. A boisterous laugh. It’s finding those details and intimate moments to tell your story.

The other philosophy is to be editorial. To direct, compose, and create interesting shots. These are the pictures that will be high-impact and dramatic. And definitely creative.

My style is natural. Organic. Timeless. It conjures up feelings of romance and beauty. I draw inspiration from nature, color, family heirlooms, interior design, and reading novels.

But mostly, I am inspired by YOU. By your stories and your personalities. My goal is to dig deep into the uniqueness of each couple and incorporate that into my photography.

I frequently pause when I think of my career in photography. It is a pleasure and a joy to do what I do.

It is my passion manifested into a dream job. Thank you for considering me as your photographer.

I live in the mountains of Colorado with my husband and three sons - my clients have wed all over the world including Santorini, Paris, Montana, New York, Vermont, and California.